About the POLITIQ Magazine

The POLITIQ Magazine defends the ideas of liberalism, democracy and freedom in the Czech Republic. I provide my own commentaries as well as excerpts mainly from German-language media.

After the fall of the Communist regime in 1989 we were all, in the West and in the East, hoping that the Eastern European countries would become fully fledged members of the Western community of which they have historically belonged. Unfortunately, barriers in the minds of the general public have become more of a problem than the economic and technological backwardness that we also face. It is the free access to information that will play a crucial role in overcoming this issue.

Having grown up in a bilingual family, I have immersed myself in both Czech and German media for my entire life. Although we regained our freedom 28 years ago, I can still see great differences in the level of both media worlds, including e.g. public TV (which is, nevertheless, one of the best TVs in the Czech Republic). The distinction was especially noticeable at the end of summer 2015 when the refugee crisis culminated.  That was the crucial moment that led me to create a political blog.

It was obvious, in the course of time, that much of the content which was relevant for Czech readers, came from the German media. Two years later the POLITIQ Magazine was established.

POLITIQ is a non-commercial initiative and we are not professional journalists.

Our entire income – from advertising or donations – is strictly used to cover editorial costs as we work on a royalty-free basis.

Since the POLITIQ Magazine is mainly targeted toward Czech readers, it is not a foreign media competitor. It can be considered a partner as well as an opportunity that introduces foreign media to the general public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (currently 10% of readers).

To assist in promoting free access to information, liberal values and the fight against hatred and prejudices, please feel free to contact us (possibly in Czech, German or English). Currently, these values are facing their greatest risk since the 1989 Velvet revolution.

We would also greatly appreciate any financial support.

Thank you,

Jan Martínek